How Working From Home Has Changed Employees

William Miller

The study by Baidu employees found that productivity was up during their WFH, but not all workers saw the same benefits. In fact, those who worked on larger projects were most negatively impacted by WFH. In another study, Indonesian employees observed that while WFH increased creativity, it also reduced the work life balance for many. This study also found that a number of employees expected to receive negative appraisals because of their WFH status.

Although the results of the survey were not conclusive, they show that more employees would prefer working from home. In fact, this percentage has risen from 9% to 17 percent since the survey was conducted. The impact of working from home has also surpassed expectations. According to Samuel, a data journalist, this change has resulted in greater independence among employees and less supervision from their superiors. However, employers should not automatically assume that employees can’t succeed in this type of environment. Many employees have acquired new skills and abilities as a result of working from home.

In a traditional office, peer relationships blossom naturally, but they may wither and die when employees are forced to work on their own. However, remote workers may be more productive and efficient than their office-bound counterparts, who can spend more time on a problem. As a result, managers will need to find ways to contact them on a regular basis to get their work done. This is also the case with other employees.

While many companies are limiting the number of employees who work from home, others are embracing the concept to a greater extent. One example is Citigroup, which requires 65,000 of its U.S. employees to attend an in-person training session, while allowing up to 30 percent to work from home. The bank also allows employees to work from different offices. Some of its workers will work remotely for a week, and a smaller group will come in less often.

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