What’s It Like To Work At A Haunted House?

William Miller

If you’ve ever wanted to work in a terrifying attraction, you may be wondering: What’s it like to work at a haunted house? This article will answer that question, and more. It’s not a job for the faint of heart, but it will definitely keep you on your toes! The job itself isn’t without its challenges. For example, the actors often have to deal with patrons who don’t want to be scared and can even get hit in the face during a performance. The hours aren’t always convenient. Getting off work late and eating lunch at a fast-food joint isn’t the best option, either.

Despite the thrills of performing in a haunt, the work is not without its hazards. For example, temperatures can get as high as 80 degrees early in the season, making full-body costumes uncomfortable. Actors are equipped with ice vests that keep them cool while wearing their full-body costumes. They are also often supplied with ice packs, which a manager replaces when they start melting.

Not only do actors and actresses need to be experienced in scaring people, but the work can be very physically demanding. Haunted house actors are known as scare actors, and they come from a variety of backgrounds. The actors can range from doctors and lawyers to college students and even mental health professionals. One man even tries to slide another person under his car, in an effort to scare them.

A job as a Team Leader at a haunted house requires some acting. You will be in charge of ensuring the smooth running of the haunted attraction. A Team Leader must be familiar with the various roles that actors play within the attraction. Likewise, he or she must be well-versed in the proper safety procedures and be available every night. A successful manager must also have strong communication skills with the staff and build a reputation for trust among guests.

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If you’re interested in acting, haunted houses often require auditions. Auditioning for these roles is competitive, and it requires some improvisation skills and a lot of audience interaction. Even people with extensive theater experience don’t necessarily make good haunt actors. After a season of auditions, some actors get hired but quit due to the demanding workload and high level of audience interaction.

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