What’s it Like to Work at Nordstrom?

William Miller

If you want to work at a department store, you might be wondering what it’s like to work at Nordstrom. Here are some of the things you can expect when you join the Nordstrom family. If you’re interested in working in the luxury department store business, you can read our career guide to find out more. The company is an American luxury retail chain headquartered in Seattle. Nordstrom was originally founded in 1901 by John W. Nordstrom and Carl F. Wallin, who initially operated Wallin & Nordstrom. The company was renamed Nordstrom, Inc. in 1923.

If you’re wondering what it’s like to work at Nordstrom, consider the high-quality customer service. Employees are trained to go above and beyond to provide the best service to their customers. In fact, Blake has been working for Nordstrom since 1993 and has been part of the million dollar club for five years. She maintains a client list of a few hundred shoppers and handwrites handwritten thank-you notes to old customers and new ones.

Nordstrom offers great benefits and a competitive salary, but there’s not much room for advancement. The training period is about a week, with four to six hours of computer training on the first two days. The training consists of group exercises and four-to-six hours of computer training. You’ll be given the opportunity to choose any department, including shoes, but keep in mind that you’ll be working shifts that fluctuate. As a Nordstrom employee, you’ll also need to wear a Nordstrom Rack shirts and pants. You’re not allowed to wear yoga pants, but you can wear jeans if you’re so inclined.

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Nordstrom is known for hiring people who are passionate about fashion. Entry-level positions offer a path to advancement. Interviewers will ask you questions about previous retail experience and how your passion for fashion fits in with the company’s style. They will also ask you about your work experience. You should be prepared to answer common questions relating to retail and your past experiences. If you’ve had previous retail experience, you’re more likely to be selected for a position at Nordstrom than at another retailer.

Sales associates at Nordstrom are the face of retail. They interact with customers daily and help them during the entire shopping process. They work in a high-pressure environment, providing excellent customer service, meeting sales goals, and staying current with product knowledge. Sales associates typically work forty hours a week and may work extra during busy times. Some associates may even pursue certifications or licensing to become a better sales associate.

The salary at Nordstrom varies, depending on the position and the city and state minimum wage laws. Entry-level associates earn anywhere from $10 to an hour, though they may make less in the beginning. Entry-level associates, however, typically make less. Some people earn six-figure salaries. Regardless of their position, Nordstrom employees are happy at their jobs. In addition to the compensation and benefits, Nordstrom employees have very positive reviews from both current and former employees.

While working at Nordstrom requires an undergraduate degree and 16 years of age, there are some entry-level jobs at the company. In these roles, you’ll help restock merchandise, organize stockrooms, and keep stores clean. Other duties include general support for sales, special events, and fixture relocation. You can even earn higher by working in a department store for several years. You’ll be working for the brand you love!

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