What’s it Like Working at Amazon?

William Miller

If you are interested in working at Amazon, you may want to know more about the job. Amazon is a global company that focuses on e-commerce, cloud computing, digital streaming, artificial intelligence, and many other technologies. As a result, it has been called one of the world’s most influential economic forces. In addition, it’s considered one of the most valuable brands. Here’s what you can expect from an Amazon job:

The company has its fair share of challenges. Some employees complained about the lack of benefits, such as paid time off and disability leave. Other employees complained about the mistakes and problems they had to deal with. Some even quit before starting. Amazon’s hiring policies don’t permit people who graduated high school or have college degrees. The company’s timekeeping system can be quite confusing, especially for new employees. In addition to a lack of resources, employees are often required to travel long distances to get their tasks completed.

While Amazon does not owe its success to poor management, its methods for improving underperformers have drawn intense scrutiny. A union organized at an Amazon warehouse in Staten Island has been formed and is working to organize the warehouse. Amazon has also come under scrutiny for its “Pivot” coaching plan, in which underperforming employees are moved to an internal company jury. Many employees say that they are chastised for failing to meet standards.

While Amazon has faced many criticisms over the workplace culture, it is also an economic powerhouse with nearly one million employees worldwide. The company offers good wages and generous benefits, but the Amazon experience depends on a number of factors. During the pandemic, warehouse workers and corporate employees protested and forced the company to institute a temporary $2-per-hour wage increase. However, there are many positives to working at Amazon.

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Unlike other workplaces, warehouse workers at Amazon are typically assigned the roles of packers and pickers. The former performs the task of picking merchandise from shelves and assigning labels. Meanwhile, packers pack products and send them to delivery drivers. This job requires a great deal of problem-solving in massive facilities. The largest Amazon warehouses can employ over 1500 full-time associates. This job is not for the faint of heart.

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