Why is Jimmy Kimmel Working From Home?

William Miller

You may wonder: why is Jimmy Kimmel working from home? He was born in Las Vegas and spent his youth playing practical jokes and pranks. The late night talk show host was inspired by David Letterman’s shows and hosted his own show in high school. He attended the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, and Arizona State University before starting his own morning radio show in Seattle. However, over the course of several years, Kimmel was fired from all of these jobs, and ultimately he decided to work from home.

It is unknown whether Kimmel will have to miss his entire show if he returns to his former job. However, the host is not the only late night host who has announced his absence for the next several weeks. Jimmy Fallon and Seth Meyers both announced illnesses in recent months, and Jimmy Corden and Mike Birbiglia have been absent from their respective shows. Nonetheless, Kimmel’s absence may be short-lived, since the disease has already affected his life.

After suffering a nasty bout with the COVID-19 virus, Kimmel is recovering from it and will be absent from the show for a week. His replacement, comedian Mike Birbiglia, is filling in until he gets better. Despite the illness, the show has a star-studded guest list, which makes his absence all the more notable. If Kimmel is recovering well, he will be back on the show next week.

Since the COVID-19 outbreak began, Jimmy Kimmel and James Corden have filmed their shows from their homes, despite being based in Los Angeles. The reason? Because of the severe COVID-19 epidemic that has struck Los Angeles and surrounding areas. It prompted a dramatic increase in the number of cases. Consequently, there are not enough hospital beds. Even those who make it to the hospital are often forced to wait hours for a bed.

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Late night talk show hosts have become accustomed to being without audiences. Jimmy Kimmel and Stephen Colbert have made it work in various ways. The latest trend is video conferencing, where the hosts can conduct business without the need to travel to their office. The late-night hosts have been forced to adapt to the new reality of working from home. The question remains: what is the future of late night TV?

Jimmy Kimmel has worked in television for a long time. After working in the entertainment industry, he co-hosted The Man Show on Comedy Central. This show featured scantily clad women and irreverent humour. It was the most popular show on the Comedy Central network. Kimmel also co-hosted “Jackhole Industries” with Adam Carolla, in which he produced prank call shows with puppets.

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