Why is Savannah Guthrie Working From Home?

William Miller

Why is Savannah Guthrie working from home? The host of Today is reportedly suffering from a sore throat. The question has become one of the most common complaints of the new millennial generation, and a few days ago, Savannah announced her decision to return to the Today studios. She spent the last two weeks recuperating at home, and on Monday, she joined co-anchor Hoda Kotb for a video chat.

The Today show is the most popular show on television, and Savannah is a regular on the show. But her absence was a temporary one, because she was forced to return to home studio set-up. After all, she had only just recovered from a case of sniffles. This caused her to be isolated from her co-hosts, and she was having technical difficulties. In addition, she was also able to take care of her family, which was a difficult decision.

NBC News has no shortage of opportunities for women in the media industry. But Savannah Guthrie may be stepping outside her comfort zone, by announcing her plan to work from home on Wednesdays. Today co-host Matt Lauer recently signed a multi-year deal to make more than $20 million, which would put her salary closer to his new $20 million contract. Savannah Guthrie will anchor the Wednesday morning show from her home.

It’s also possible that Savannah Guthrie is working from home to spend more time with her family. Savannah posted photos of her family, including her adorable toddlers. However, she didn’t mention that it wasn’t as nice as the picture in the cookbook! Nevertheless, she said that she’ll use the maternity leave to co-host Today. Despite the controversy over her new schedule, the star is clearly enjoying her time at home with her family.

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Hoda Kotb has also reacted to the recent COVID-19 infection that afflicted a staff member on the Third Hour of Today. NBC asked Al Roker and Craig Melvin to stay home while they tracing their contacts. Fortunately, Al and Savannah were watching the show from their homes, and the two appeared onscreen on Wednesday via video link.

In January, Savannah Guthrie tested positive for the Covid virus. She was out of the studio, broadcasting from her home, and had a double vaccination a week earlier. Her co-anchor Hoda Kotb was out in the studio for a week, and they both tested negative. But what does this mean for the show’s viewers? Hoda Kotb returned to the show on Monday, and Savannah Guthrie is back in the studio.

While it is unclear what exactly caused Guthrie and Kotb to work from home last week, NBC did confirm that the two had been vaccinated and that they were both given a booster shot for the disease. The news is a boost for both of them, and the two are expected to be at home for a few days while they recuperate from their illnesses. Despite the recent spike in coronavirus cases, it remains to be seen how Savannah Guthrie and Hoda Kotb’s show will continue to be at home.

The NBC News network aired a town hall with President Trump at the same time as an ABC town hall with his Democratic opponent, Joe Biden. The controversy was quickly forgotten, however, when Guthrie confronted the president and asked him about his personal finances. But the NBC controversy won’t go away anytime soon. She’ll continue to be the anchor of the next town hall with President Trump on June 26 and 27, so why is Savannah Guthrie working from home?

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